Express Interest In Attending The South African National Jamboree In 2017

You Are About To Express Interest To Attend The South African National Jamboree In 2017

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You are about to express interest to attend the South African National Jamboree in 2017.

If you are Expressing Interest in attending SANJAMB 2017 as a Scout Or Ranger, you will be required to provide contact details of one Parent.

If you are unsure of what to do here or what happens after this, please read the "Instructions & Info" page before you express your interest in attending SANJAMB 2017.

You will not be invoiced by completing this "Expression Of Interest". If you are thinking of attending SANJAMB 2017, you should complete this information.

By completing this information you are making no commitment to pay for SANJAMB 2017. This is simply a facility to "Express Your Interest" in attending SANJAMB 2017.

This page simply allows Scouts South Africa to understand what level of planning should be applied to SANJAMB 2017.

If you are not going to attend SANJAMB 2017, please do not complete this form as you may take up a place that could be utilised by another Scout or Ranger.

A fairly small amount of information is required from you here. Please complete the fields below with accurate information.

Please note that you must be at least 12 years old to attend SANJAMB 2017. This means that your birth date must be before 8th December, 2005.

Fields with a * are required
Please select the Country where you are currently a Scout / Guide / Ranger or Adult Leader. NOTE: This list is quite a long one. You can search through this list by starting to type once you have opened the drop down.
Please note that if you reside outside of Scouth Africa, you will need to get yourself to Johannesburg, South Africa for SANJAMB 2017.
Please select the position you are interested in fulfilling at SANJAMB 2017. NOTE: Unless you are applying as either a Scout or Ranger, this may not be your final position at SANJAMB 2017. This will be determined by the SANJAMB 2017 Committee. You only need to express your interest once and do not need to apply multiple times for different roles. Please see the note above about this.
Type the email address of the person expressing interest here. If you are applying on behalf of a Scout Or Ranger, please type their email address here.
If the applicant is a Scout or Ranger, this field is not required, however, we recommend that the Scout or Ranger has an email address. If the applicant currently does not have an email address, we suggest you sign up for a Gmail account HERE. Do not type their mother's, father's or anyone else's email address here.
This email address must be in a valid format and exist as it is checked before this process is completed.
If you or the person you are applying for has a logon for Scouts.Digital, please type the email address you or the person you are applying for uses to logon to Scouts.Digital here.
If this email address exists on Scouts.Digital, we will pre-populate some information below.
Select your Date Of Birth by clicking (or tapping) in the block above HINT: Click the "Click to select a date" text. To select a date, click on the year, then the month & then the date. To change decades, click on the arrows to the side of the decade. To select years in that decade, click on the year.
If you are under 12 years old before SANJAMB 2017 starts, you will not be allowed to apply. If you turn 18 just before or during SANJAMB 2017, you must apply as an Adult.
Please select your gender.
Please select your current Group, District Or Region. Note: Your scout groups name is not abbreviated here. If you are searching for your Groups name, please use it's full name (Or District / Region name) NOTE: This list is quite a long one. You can search through this list by starting to type once you have opened the drop down. You can search for Group Name, District Name or Region Name. If your Group is not in this list, simply select "Group, District Or Region Not Listed" and type your Region / District / Group names in the boxes below. (They only appear if you have selected "Group, District or Region Not Listed".)
Please select the role you currently fulfill at your selected Group, District or Region.
Please type your first name as it appears on your birth certificate.
Please type your surname as it appears on your birth certificate.
Please provide a South African contact number where you can be contacted during the day. It is preferable that this is a cellular / mobile number.
If you have anything special to say about this Expression Of Interest, please type it here.
By Clicking "Submit" You Agree To These Terms & Conditions

Existing Interest

We currently have 672 expressions of interest in the following areas:

  • Adults: 164
  • Scouts: 454
  • Rangers: 54

How This Works

If you would like to attend SANJAMB 2017, simply complete the details below.

It is expected that the cost of attending SANJAMB 2017 would be in the R 2,250 range. This cost may change slightly in the next weeks.

No financial commitment is required to complete this Expression Of Interest in attending SANJAMB 2017 and you will not be invoiced until you have been offered a position. (This only happens much later)

Once you have completed this Expression Of Interest, you will receive an email, detailing your Expression of Interest as well as details on the process.

Once all applications are in, the SANJAMB 2017 Committee will assess your application and if there are positions available, you will be offered a position. You will receive an email with detailed instructions when this happens.

Once you have been offered a position on SANJAMB 2017, you will be required to complete more information in order to formally apply to be part of SANJAMB 2017. You will receive an email if you are offered a position on SANJAMB 2017.

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